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Enrolment Fee: CHF  2’000
Development Fund: CHF  2’000
Uniform: CHF  3’000
Swiss Student Visa & B Permit: CHF  2’100
Health Insurance: CHF  2'200

CHF  8'000 (boarders)

CHF  2'000 (day students)


Uniform: CHF  1'500                        
Swiss Student Visa & B Permit: CHF  600
Health Insurance:    CHF  2'200




From Year 1 to Year 6

 Boarder - CHF 71'000Day Student - CHF 36'000
1st July CHF 51’000 CHF 25’500
1st December CHF 20’000 CHF 10’500



MYP 1 (Year 7),  MYP 2 (Year 8) & MYP 3 (Year 9)

 Boarder - CHF 79'000Day Student - CHF 50'000
1st July CHF 57'000 CHF 36'000
1st December CHF 22'000 CHF 14'000


MYP 4 (Year 10) & MYP 5 (Year 11)

 Boarder - CHF 89'000Day Student - CHF 65'000
1st July CHF 64'000 CHF 46'000
1st December CHF 25'000 CHF 19'000



DP 1 (Year 12) & DP 2 (Year 13)

 Boarder - CHF 96’000Day Student - CHF 75’000
1st July CHF 69'000 CHF 54'000
1st December CHF 27'000 CHF 21'000

Annual Supplementary charges of CHF 9'000 for DP1 &DP2 (covering administration, CAS activity cost and other relevant IB expenses)



Full board and lodging, tuition and supervised studies, loan of text books and some class materials, ski pass (boarders only), ski locker, use of school laundry (boarders only), use of school library and computer network, sports activities, cultural activities and short expeditions in Switzerland only, on-site healthcare, transport to and from Geneva airport (only within the official dates and times), various taxes and VAT.



Health and accident insurance, medications, private lessons, learning support, stationery, ski equipment hire, ski uniform hire (jacket and pants), official exams e.g. Cambridge and Delf, pocket money, birthdays, photo option, health package, any extra expenses e.g. hairdresser, dentist, dry cleaning, postage etc. and mandatory school trips. Please see the list of Extra Costs button pdf

For day students, ski pass, day trips, uniform, laundry, expeditions, and health insurance are all excluded 



For each new boarder, a single non-refundable payment of CHF 4’000 is required. These Enrolment / Development fund fees cover admission costs and are non-refundable even in the event of cancellation. The parents are financially responsible for any damage caused by students. The school cannot accept any responsibility in the case of the theft of money, jewellery and/or valuable objects (computer, phone, etc.) which were not entrusted to the safe-keeping of the school.



A deposit of CHF 8’000 for each boarder / CHF 2’000 for each day student is required to cover any unpaid supplementary expenses which may arise. This deposit will be fully reimbursed at the end of the student’s school duration when the account has been fully settled. At the end of each term, the school will send to the parents or guardians the statement of the extra costs that will need to be paid in full within 30 days.



If siblings are enrolled as boarders during the same academic year only, the following discount will be applied to the school fees (only): 10% for the second child, 15% for the third child, 20% for the fourth and any additional children. 



If you wish to discuss the benefits of paying annual fees in advance, please enquire by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



If a student is expelled or withdrawn during the academic year, the fees for both the current term and the following term are due to the school. No deductions will be applied for late arrival or a prolonged absence. Parents can consider having their own insurance to cover these cases.



For all new students, cancellation made less than 90 days prior to the confirmed start date, will incur a cancellation fee of CHF 40’000. This does not apply for current students, for current students please refer to re-enrolment paragraph below.



In case of late payment of invoice, the School reserves the right to charge the interest in the rate of 1% per month. When fees are unpaid, the student may not be allowed to return to the School until the outstanding balance has been paid.



The re-enrolment deadline for the following academic year is 31st of March. If parents decide against re-enrolling their child/children at La Garenne International School for the following academic year, they are required to email Admissions (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before 31st of March. The school can only guarantee a place for the returning student if the first invoice (2 full Terms fees) is paid within 30 days. If a cancellation is made after 31st of March, 50% of the first invoice will be charged.



According to Swiss Law each student must have insurance covering illness and accidents. For those students who already have Swiss medical insurance, an insurance certificate and insurance card must be provided to the school. Any fees associated with medication will be charged to the students.



Please be advised, the school reserves the right to amend financial conditions annually. School regulations may change during the school year. In case of litigation between the school and parents, Swiss legislation is the only law applicable in all matters concerning this contract. The competent tribunal will be that of the district of Aigle.




  • Boarding students with European nationalities do not require a Student Visa to enter Switzerland

Boarding students holding a European passport or any citizenship not requiring a Student Visa to enter Switzerland (e.g. Japanese) need only to apply for a Swiss Student permit. The school will gather the necessary documents at the start of the school year, or when the child is physically present at school. Parents will not need to take any action, as it is the responsibility of the school to declare these students to the local authorities.


  • Boarding students with NON-European nationalities require a Student Visa to enter Switzerland

Boarding students with non-European nationalities must have a visa to enter Switzerland. An application for a Swiss Student Visa (not a Tourist Visa) should be made at least 6-8 weeks prior to their arrival at school. The school will help the family gather all the necessary documents required by the Swiss authorities in their country of origin or residency. Parents are strongly advised to follow the school guidelines, to avoid delays in the procedure - which may lead to authorisation not arriving in time. Once the visa is obtained, and after the child has arrived at school, our office will apply for the Swiss Student permit. Parents do not need to take any further action at that stage, as it is the responsibility of the school to declare these students to the local authorities.


  • "Schengen Zone" - Validity of the Swiss Student Permit

The Swiss Student permit allows travel in any part of the Schengen Zone. Nevertheless, parents remain responsible for undertaking all the necessary procedures to acquire visas if their child is travelling outside the Schengen Zone.




outstanding features

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Individual attention

International family atmosphere

Global citizenship

High quality learning environment

Passion for learning

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Academic Excellence

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Qualified, passionate teachers

Educational programme in English

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La Garenne International School welcomes children between the ages of 5 (Year 1 / Kindergarten) and 16 (Year 11 / Grade 10) of more than 35 nationalities from around the world. As of September 2020 our seniors will get a new home in the newly renovated building of Senior School Le Roc located in Villars. The new location will allow us to create a cutting edge education facility to nurture talents of each student, meeting their individual needs.

We pride ourselves on our English-French bilingual approach, giving students expertise in two languages. Students follow the official English national curriculum, in parallel with developing a mastery of the French language. Academic excellence, a warm international family ambience in which diversity is welcomed, and a safe location in exceptional surroundings, are our core values.

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We value academic excellence through highly committed and passionate teachers, inquiry-based learning, state-of-the-art educational technology.

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School Blog

Academic excellence, a warm international family ambience in which diversity is welcomed, and a safe location in exceptional surroundings, are our core values.

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Beyond the Classroom

Activities are extremely important in the development of a child. As well as enriching a child, these activities support his or her wellbeing, evolution...

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La Garenne Camps

Children from around the world join our authentic Swiss summer and winter camps, with a choice of sessions...

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Your child receives individual attention from our professional, caring staff. Our shared goal is to raise happy, motivated, healthy and resilient...

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