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life at La Garenne

Written by Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Blog: Boarding week

After a busy couple of weeks in the Boarding school, we are now organising the...

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Written by Mrs. Danielle Allard

Blog: Anti-Bullying week

As it is Anti-Bullying week the Mini Assembly focused on "Respect". The...

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Written by Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Blog: Friday Boarding evening

This Friday evening, the younger students will have a Christmas themed evening...

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Written by Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Blog: Christmas

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, we are preparing for all...

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Written by Mrs. Danielle Allard

Blog: Reception and Year 1 & 2 Assembly

Thank you to the Reception and Year 1 & 2 Class for their fantastic assembly...

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Written by Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Blog: Boarding Office

Sometimes the Boarding office is a very quiet place, usually between 22.00 and...

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Written by Mr. Derek Lineham

Blog: Natural History Museum in Geneva

The Year 7 Entry Point for the unit on Adaptability was centred on a visit to...

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Written by Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Blog: Talent Show

This term we will be holding La Garenne's Got Talent! The students will be signing...

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Written by Mrs. Danielle Allard

Blog: Breakfast Club

Every morning between 08:00 and 08:35 the children in Year 1 – 4 have been taking...

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Written by Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Blog: Design and technology

The design and technology club have continued working on their new project,...

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outstanding features

Our Values

Individual attention

International family atmosphere

Global citizenship

High quality learning environment

Passion for learning

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Academic Excellence

Global recognition

Qualified, passionate teachers

Educational programme in English

French lessons for all students

Small classes

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Beyond the Classroom


Holistic education

Art, drama & music


Clubs & activities

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Pastoral Care

Day & boarding students

Ages 4 to 15

Safe & healthy environment

Exceptional surroundings

Modern facilities

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La Garenne International School welcomes children between the ages of 4 (Reception) and 15 (Year 10) of all nationalities from around the world. We pride ourselves on our English-French bilingual approach, giving students expertise in two languages. Students follow the official English national curriculum, in parallel with developing a mastery of the French language. Academic excellence, a warm international family ambience in which diversity is welcomed, and a safe location in exceptional surroundings, are our core values.

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We value academic excellence through highly committed and passionate teachers, inquiry-based learning, state-of-the-art educational technology.

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School Blog

Academic excellence, a warm international family ambience in which diversity is welcomed, and a safe location in exceptional surroundings, are our core values.

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Beyond the Classroom

Activities are extremely important in the development of a child. As well as enriching a child, these activities support his or her wellbeing, evolution...

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La Garenne Camps

Children from around the world join our authentic Swiss summer and winter camps, with a choice of sessions...

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Important dates of the school year

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Photo Gallery

Click on the image for the photo gallery: see school life at La Garenne and enjoy new photos each week...

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Boarding Life

Your child receives individual attention from our professional, caring staff. Our shared goal is to raise happy, motivated, healthy and resilient...

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Virtual Tour

Click on the image for a virtual tour: see La Garenne campus and enjoy the extraordinary panorama...

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Student Testimonials

Hello. My name is Samira, I am 8 years old and I’m from Nigeria. I live in London and sometimes...

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Samira D.


My name is Angelo and I joined La Garenne this year. It is an awesome experience and I enjoy it...

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Angelo S.


Hello, my name is Liana. I come from Los Angeles, California in the U.S.A. I am a ten-year-old girl...

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Liana F.


My name is Grisha, I am 10 years old and I come from Russia. I came here six years ago...

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Grigory D.


Parent Testimonials

"Cela fait bientôt 4 ans que notre fille Alissia a intégré La Garenne. Aujourd'hui La Garenne est sa deuxième famille, elle y a trouvé un énorme soutien sur tous les plans qui se traduit par une grande joie de vivre. Chaque vacances est un déchirement, chaque reprise un bonheur de retrouver l'ensemble du staff à qui nous ne dirons jamais assez merci pour tout le déploiement de bienveillance, de gentillesse et de professionnalisme. Mille merci pour tout et pour toujours."

Caroline G.


"Warm hearts. Sharp minds. Best intentions. The skills to make it happen. We are proud and blessed to have found a home away from home. La Garenne offers a safe environment where our children can make mistakes and fail and where they are taught to get up, try harder and succeed. Priceless."

Karina F.


"Amazing! Greatest primary boarding school in the world. Good friends, beautiful nature, very kind,excellent teachers and staff"

A family from Okinawa

Thank you for taking care of Pablo this term and for making his tough times easier . Once more it's great to let my son in your hands knowing he is really like at home with all the cares , love and values he lives in my family . THANK YOU!!!

Coqui A.


Thank you so much for taking care of Henry for the last three weeks. Henry had a wonderful time in La Garenne. He learned how to ski, how to sing a French song and he made a lot of friends as a boarder. We were quite worried about him before sending him as a boarder in a different country. Now he told us that he wanted to go back and stay for another two weeks. We knew he must have had so much fun there. We were so pleased with his changes and we will definitely send him back in the near future.

Parent of a 4 year old student


"We feel sad to leave La Garenne which provided Riko with comfortable home; however, we have decided to send her to Le Rosey so that she can face new challenges. We hope that Riko will have even more good memories than ever during the short rest of the year at La Garenne so that La Garenne will become her home for the rest of her life. We appreciate your countless efforts you devoted for Riko, and we are very pleased how she grew up."

A family from Japan


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