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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class sizes?

The class sizes are between eight and fifteen students.

How may I support development at La Garenne?

Please check the procedure under the heading Our School, La Garenne Fund. Your help is appreciated.

What are the clothes you recommend the child to bring for the school year programme?
How far is La Garenne from the nearest airport, and how can we reach school?
What clubs are on offer? Are they free of charge?

Almost thirty After-school Clubs are offered. These include sports appropriate to the season, arts and languages. For example: football, karaté, yoga, ballet, modern jazz, cooking, singing, photography, chess, cross running, school show, drama and public speaking. Some activities incur an extra cost.

Are children allowed to follow their family’s usual religious practices?

The school is sensitive to religious practices. For example, dietary requirements are catered for, and a child may attend church on Sunday if they wish.

Can we visit our child and can he leave at weekends?

You may visit your child.  For organisational reasons we ask that you make a formal request, if possible four days in advance. Providing no mandatory activities are taking place (such as a termly mountain expedition), weekend leave starts on Friday at 16h30 and ends on Sunday at 18h00.

Does my child need to speak French or English?

The teaching language at La Garenne is English. Depending on a child’s age and grade, a certain level of English is required but we do provide EAL (English as an Additional Language) support. A child’s level of English is not a major factor in the Admissions process. Students follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) integrated with the English National Curriculum from Reception to Year 6. In the Junior School, consisting of Years 7, 8 and 9, the students follow the English Key Stage 3 programme. La Garenne prides itself on an English-French bilingual approach, giving students expertise in two languages. Class sizes are small and our UK-trained teachers are experienced with EAL children.

Do you teach French to all students ? How many hours each week?

The school aims also to develop mastery of the French language. All students take 3-5 lessons per week in ‘French as a Foreign Language’. Students are prepared for the official French language examinations (the DELF programme).
Apart from the academics, French is spoken mainly in our boarding side to encourage students to practise.

How many children are in each class?

Class sizes are between 12 to 16 students.
Nevertheless, English, French, Mathematics and Sciences are taught in different levels according to the year groups.

May I take my child for the weekend?

Yes, you may take your child out of the school for the weekend from Friday 4.30pm to Sunday 6.00pm. You must though inform the office by Wednesday preceding the weekend.



Do you have WiFi available to students?

WiFi is available on the campus and students may use their computers and other electronic devices at designated times, under adult supervision.  

Is ownership of a computer obligatory?

It is obligatory for each child to have a Mac computer. Parents are advised to take note of this requirement and the consequent cost.

Do you have ice-skating/hockey?

Ice-skating/hockey are available as part of the clubs programme or weekend activities. Private lessons are also available.

When may i contact my child?

Sundays and Wednesdays are the official days to call your child(ren), at the following specific Swiss times (other times may be scheduled for families living in very different time zones):

  • Sunday from 11h00 to 12h30
  • Wednesday from 19h30 to 20h30

Year 8 and 9 students will be allowed to use their electronic devices every day for 30 minutes, between 16h30 and 17h00.

Which other languages are taught?

French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian are taught as private lessons.

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What do the children do at the weekends?

 Weekend activities are very varied and involve sport, mountain expeditions, skiing, excursions, cultural visits, games, museums, theatres, shopping, recreational events, charity projects and school trips.

Do i need to bring my own computer?

Each student should have their own personal computer, an Apple Macbook computer with Microsoft Office installed (Word, Excel, Power Point).

What instrument can may children play ? Do you offer piano lessons?

We teach piano, violin and guitar on a private basis.

What time do children go to bed?

Cubs and Mini children go to bed at 20h30-21h00 and Juniors at 21h30-22h00. 

Do the students do sports every day?

The students take part in sports activities each day from Monday to Friday. During the weekend, there are sports as well as expeditions and cultural visits.


When do the children ski?

During the winter season from January to March, they ski or snowboard three to four times a week.

Are activities organised by age group?

 Activities are organised for Cubs & Minis from 4 to 9 years old, and Juniors from 10 to 14 years old.

How much pocket money is allowed?

We advise that the students receive between 10 CHF and 30 CHF per week depending on their age.

Is horse riding available?

Horse riding club is held once or twice a week for 1h30 minutes at a centre located 30 minutes drive from school.


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How many hours do the students study per week?

The students study thirty-four hours per week in class and six hours during the homework sessions.

Do you organise school trips?

Global citizenship is further encouraged by school trips led by our experienced staff from around the world.
These trips are planned to complement and reinforce the academic programme, they are mandatory and are fully part of the academic programme.

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What are the nationalities at the school?
The nationalities are more than 30 from around the world. We do also keep a balance between them and the speaking languages.
We respect 10% maximum quota per nationality over the students' body and 15% for the same speaking languages. 
Does each child make their own bed and keep their room tidy?

Daily cleaning and tidying are the responsibility of our housekeeping team.  Staff encourage the children to be tidy and as part of the boarding ‘apprenticeship’ children are evaluated on a points system, which is taken into account in their general school reports.

What about the school laundry service?

Laundry is taken care of on a daily basis by our housekeeping team.

What kind of activities do the students experience?

Both during the school year programme and our Summer and Winter camps, we maximise opportunities in sport (including skiing in winter), expeditions in the region, arts, music, games, excursions, language learning with eight languages to choose from, and cultural trips.  These arouse curiosity and improve a child’s enquiry skills. 

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Do you have a doctor or nurse at school?

We have a School Nurse taking care of daily first aid and administering treatment under the guidance of the local doctor. We also work closely with a network of health specialists, which helps us to provide the best possible care for your child. An optional Health Package of naturopathic care is available.

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