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The Term is Drawing to an End

The weather has changed, we have had our first snow and the Christmas decorations are everywhere to be seen in Villars. The arrival of the festive season and the winter holiday marks the end of the second set of this year’s IMYC units for Years 7, 8 and 9. 

On Monday the students will begin their end-of-term assessments. These will be in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, French, History, Geography and Science. Art and the Music rely more on continuous assessments and long-term projects that the students have been working on over several weeks.

The assessments are not formal examinations testing only memorised information. They are designed to assess the acquired Knowledge, Skills and Understanding in each of the curriculum areas. The students will undertake tasks related to each of these domains, in which they will need to apply these key learning areas to the specific units they have studied during the term.     

The week ahead is structured in such a way that the students will not have more than two written assessments in one day. These will be interspersed with active revision sessions during which the students will work with their teachers and peers to consolidate their learning and prepare for the assessments. 

The teachers will then be busy writing the reports for the First Term. These will reflect each student’s effort and attainment since the mid-term, as well as their level of performance in the end-of-term assessments.

When all the work and studying is over, everyone will then be able to enjoy a well-earned break.  Happy holidays to all! 

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The Term is Drawing to an End

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Mr. Derek Lineham

Mr. Derek Lineham

Mr. Lineham joined our school in April 2016. Derek works closely with teaching staff, to spearhead future development of teaching and learning throughout the school. Mr Lineham has over thirty years’ experience in international boarding education. He holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Management and is also an experienced leader of accreditation teams for the Council of International Schools (CIS). 

Originally a teacher and Houseparent, he then became Academic Director and finally Headmaster of an international boarding school in Villars (Beau Soleil College). Even as a school leader, Derek has always been an active classroom teacher, constantly reinforcing his knowledge and experience of modern teaching methodology and pedagogy. His overriding goal, in close collaboration with all the team, is to guarantee the personal and academic growth of each individual student at La Garenne.

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