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Usborne Book Fair last week

To coincide with our Usborne Book Fair last week, all the Mini and Cub classes and Junior tutor groups had great fun decorating their doors on the theme of books. The Minis and Cubs worked together with their teachers to create doors to represent books they were studying. The Juniors created 'We Love Reading...' doors and students created something that linked to their own favourite book or author.  

On Friday the Mini and Cub children voted for their favourite Junior door and the Juniors voted for their preferred Mini/Cub door.
The winners were Year 9 and Year 6. The students chose the Year 9 door because it was colourful and made them want to read the books when they were older. The Enchanted Wood door by Year 6 was chosen because to was interesting and detailed.
Well done everyone for your hard work and creativity and especially to our winners!
Usborne Book Fair last week

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Mrs. Danielle Allard

Mrs. Danielle Allard

Mrs. Allard from England, has been working at La Garenne since 2008 teaching all of the classes within Key Stage 1 & 2. She has implemented many new programmes including the IPC and Cambridge throughout the school as well as overseeing the day to day running of the Primary Section, Reception to Year 6.

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