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Academic news for September 2018

2018-2019 is a milestone year for La Garenne. As part of our aim for constant improvement, we are moving steadily towards full accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS). We have successfully completed our Preparatory Study and have now been given the green light to begin the full Self Study. This will involve the whole school community and the students will be very much part of the process.

The students are at the core of any school and their input will be essential in our 360-degree overview of La Garenne. As part of the process, a comprehensive Community Survey will be undertaken in the autumn term, covering all aspects of life at La Garenne. This will involve students, parents, teachers and staff and will be available in a wide range of languages. Everyone is actively encouraged to participate, as this will be a great source of data for us as we move forward.

From September 2018, we will be introducing club activities designed to help the students develop their self-confidence as well as their public speaking and presentation skills. Communication is an increasingly important element in today’s world and we believe that developing these skills will be of great help to our students in the future.

Next year we aim to spend more time learning outside the classroom. Experiential learning will be by way of field trips, visits, outdoor lessons and ‘collapsed-timetable days’. Here the learning for a whole day will focus on a theme that will be examined by way of a variety of hands-on activities.  

We are actively working to develop the global perspectives of our students. Global Citizenship will be an element of the taught curriculum and teachers in all subject areas will be highlighting links to global issues in their individual fields of study. In preparing our students to be true global citizens we will be working hard to develop their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and different lifestyles. This will be within the taught curriculum and by way of assembles, activities and various focused events.

In the coming school year, both in class and beyond the classroom, we will continue to actively encourage the students to read as much as possible - in English and French, as well as in their Mother Language.

Study will continue to be integrated into the school day, taking place after classes and before clubs. Furthermore, it is the students’ regular specialist teachers who supervise the study. This means that more effective guidance can be given during study time. Students who prove themselves to be independent learners will have more flexibility as to how and when they study. The evenings are then free for some sports, in-house activities and personal study as well as social and personal time. These are vital elements in individual development and advancement.

Academic news for September 2018

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