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Epraise points

As the term draws to a close, we have been finalising the individual totals for the epraise points for the winter term. In the Junior classes, only two students did not reach the 20 points required for a Bronze Award. We are hoping that all the Junior students will be awarded at least the Bronze certificate next term. Sixteen Juniors reached the Silver milestone and Yaroslav, with 59 points, was only one point away from the Gold Award! We know what he is aiming for next term!

Congratulations to our top epraise winners in the Cubs and Minis, we have had many children receive a Gold Award this term. The epraise points are linked to the IPC & IMYC Personal Goals – Enquiry, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation, Respect, Morality, Resilience, Communication and Adaptability. The children can also receive or lose points for homework, general behaviour, organisation and presentation.

The points will go back to zero for the start of the summer term, but the running totals are kept in hand and used to calculate the overall academic prizes at the end of the school year. These are presented at the Parents’ Day Ceremony in June.

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Epraise points

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