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Living things and their habitats

In Science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We have been classifying animals into categories and making careful observations and labeling insects. Next week we will be going on a bug hunt as the weather is warming up and the bugs should soon be out and about. We really enjoyed hosting an assembly for the primary section. Half of us talked about our IPC topic “Saving the World” and we shared lots of information about the rainforests, deforestation and how we can help. In class we have been learning about the lives of indigenous people who still live, somewhat isolated, in the rainforest. We have been comparing our lives to theirs. The other half of us performed a story to explain what we have learned in PSHE. The story was called “The Dip” and it teaches us that when we face new challenges there is nearly always a moment where we feel frustrated and want to give up. We learned that to get out of “The Dip” we need to reflect on what is going wrong and focus on just one thing to improve.

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