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M1 and M2 Making an advertisement

It has been a busy week for the students in M1 and M2. The M1s are busy learning about advertising and how it works. Today they have been planning and making an advertisement about a product they created. They have had to think about the message the advertisement is trying to send and use the various advertising elements they have learnt about. 

The M2s are well into creating their version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Their setting is a school for troubled kids, and they have been working hard to learn their lines and think about how they are going to create the effects they want. Each student is in charge of directing a chosen scene from the play, making choices about the setting and how they want each of the characters to express their lines. 

Both groups will be sharing their learning with the school community, the M1s will be creating an advertising campaign to help students and staff think and act positively. The M2s will be making a film of their Macbeth and having a blockbuster release of the film to the school community. 

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