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Pre-Reception and Reception Class

This term in Pre-Reception and Reception Class we have been working around the topic of ‘Food’. This has included thinking about a healthy diet, finding out about where our food comes from and discussing our likes and dislikes. We have done lots of cooking and we have explored several different books with a food theme. However, not everything has gone to plan!

The trouble began when we started to look at the story of Supertato – a potato on a mission to save his vegetable friends from his enemy ‘The Evil Pea’ who had escaped from the freezer. Supertato sent us a letter explaining that his friends were in trouble and could we help him by making models of himself to deter The Evil Pea. We agreed and made some fantastic Supertato models.


The next day we received another letter from Supertato thanking us for our models but warning us that The Evil Pea was still on the loose. Could we help to spot him and if we did could we return him to the freezer? We did find The Evil Pea, and his friends, stuck in some jelly. We decided it would be kind to rescue the peas from the jelly before returning them to the freezer but we weren’t sure which tool to use to recover them with. We tried paper straws, plastic straws, pipe cleaners and our very best fine motor skills before agreeing that the best tool for the job was the lollypop sticks. We safely recovered all the peas from the jelly and returned them to the freezer. Supertato was delighted and said we were ‘The Superhero Children of La Garenne’!


After the incident with The Evil Pea we hoped life in our class would settle down and get back to normal…but, just a few days later, disaster struck again!

We started to explore the story of The Gingerbread Man. Finding out about the characters, sequencing the events, reading recipes and making our own decorative gingerbread men. The day after we made our gingerbread men we discovered that they had all run away! We didn’t know where to look to find them so we wrote some missing posters describing each gingerbread man and went around school asking people to look out for them.


Day by day more and more of the gingerbread men were discovered. These are some of the places they were found; in the trophy cabinet in Beau Site, in Danielle’s bag, in a desk in Jenny’s Class, in Alison’s Class and even on the ski slopes!


We were so grateful to everyone for finding our cheeky gingerbread men that we wrote lots of thank you cards and delivered them around school.

Thank you everyone for your help. We think you are all Superheroes too!


Pre-Reception and Reception Class

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