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Primary Assembly

As part of Asian Week, on Friday in our Primary assembly, some of the children presented some facts about countries in Asia. They worked together to research their chosen countries and shared their knowledge with the students.
Chinese New Year - The Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the Chinese calendar year, and each cycle is named after an animal. We read the tale about the great race and we talked about how Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world.
Each week in assembly we talk about someone who is a role model to us, someone who we aspire to be like, someone we admire. Not all role models set a good example. We tend to think rich and famous people are people we would like to be like. But often it is the people who have no claim to fame that make the best role models; people who provide a good example by the lives they live and who show us love, care and support others.
This week we talked about J.K. Rowling, the inspiring British author, film producer, screenwriter and philanthropist, most famous for writing the Harry Potter series. Her perseverance, generosity and positivity are all admirable qualities that can be celebrated.
Congratulations to the children who were awarded the Resilience certificate by their teacher this week. We enjoyed listening to the teachers explain the reasons for awarding these children. 

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Primary Assembly

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