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Primary Assembly - Year 5

Congratulations to the children who were awarded the `Cooperation` certificate this week. Cooperative learning requires children to work together, which is an important skill for their futures. We encourage the children to be active participants in their learning. Listening to one another is key. Engaging in discussions and critical thinking are skills which help the children to remember what they have learned for longer periods of time. 
Thank you to Year 5 who did a fantastic presentation about Mahatma Gandhi in assembly on Tuesday. They talked about his non-violent beliefs and the influence he had during his lifetime (1869 - 1948). On Tuesday we celebrated the International Day of Non-Violence and World Farm Animals Day. The message from Year 5 during the assembly was to respect all living things. They went on to talk about what they have been learning about in their science lessons - `Living Things`. We enjoyed learning about life cycles through an interactive group activity and we watched the movie clips that they produced in their class groups.

primary assembly primary assembly primary assembly primary assembly primary assembly

Primary Assembly - Year 5

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