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Studying Patterns and Animals

This term in Reception we have been studying Patterns and Animals. We have identified patterns in our environment and located these on a map of the school. We have created our own patterns using a variety of objects and artistic techniques. After reading the story of Elmer, the multi-coloured patterned elephant, we worked together to make our own Elmer using lots of patterned materials. We thought about the fact that Elmer was different to the other elephants because he was colourful. We though about our own differences and how these make us special. 
We have also been finding our about animals, identifying our favourite animals and finding out lots of interesting facts about them. We have looked at the patterns on their scales, feathers, skin and fur and thought about why these might be there. Finally we have worked together to build an incredible Zoo Role Play Area in the classroom where we can read and look after and sort the animals. We have been very busy!
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