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Year 5

On the evening of the 24th February 2020, the Year 5 class (alongside Jenny and Kirsty) were lucky enough to visit the observatory at Aiglon, and on such a beautifully clear night for stargazing as well! They were welcomed by the teachers and students from the Astronomy Club and had the opportunity to learn about and look through three different telescopes. The children were extremely excited to have seen a planet  - Venus, the brightest star - Sirius, as well as some different stars and constellations, including Betelgeuse and Orion's Belt. 
After some initial stargazing, the class was taken into the observatory and given a detailed introduction about how it worked and had a look at some pictures taken on their impressive telescope. Everyone loved watching the roof open and waiting for the telescope to take a real life picture of the night sky. Thankyou Aiglon for having us to visit - everyone learned so much and had a lot of fun!




Year 5

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