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Year 5 visit to The Roman Museum in Avenches

On Wednesday 3rd October, Year 5 visited the Roman museum and ruins in Avenches. They spent the morning wandering around, and sketching, the ruins of the different Roman buildings; imagining what they would have been like in the Roman times, using the knowledge they had previously acquired in IPC lessons. They found the Roman Amphitheatre, the Roman Theatre, many temples and also walked a little further afield to find the remains of the Roman Thermal Baths, where they saw what was left of the 'Hypocaust System', the system used in Roman times to heat the pools and rooms. 
After a picnic lunch, sitting in the sun in the spectators rows of the Amphitheatre, the children had a chance to visit the museum. In there, they had to search for different Roman artefacts, to find out what they were, as well as draw something they found particularly interesting.
A great day was had by all, and the children didn't complain when we made a little stop for ice cream on the journey home! A treat after a day of fun and excellent behaviour from all the children. 

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Year 5 visit to The Roman Museum in Avenches

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