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Extra Fees
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Extra Fees


Academics & Private Lessons
Programme of Intensive English - PIE (First Term) CHF 5'000
Programme of Intensive English - PIE (Second Term) CHF 4'500
Programme of Intensive English - PIE (Third Term) CHF 4'000
Cambridge (Starters, Movers, Flyers) CHF 450
Cambridge (Ket & Pet) CHF 650
Cambridge (First) CHF 950
DELF (A1 & A2) CHF 650
DELF (B1 & B2) CHF 950
Learning Support CHF 100/45min
Academic (Maths, English, French) CHF 65/30min
Piano CHF 70/30min
Violin CHF 70/30min
Guitare CHF 70/30min
Horse-riding CHF 130/lesson
Tennis CHF 130/60min
Water Sports CHF 130/session

Clubs and Activities
Ski Academy TBC
Language clubs, Biking, Golf, Dance, Robotics, Karaté, Self-Defense CHF 550/per term
All the other clubs CHF 250/ per term

LG Shuttle to Zurich CHF 800
Taxi to Geneva CHF 490
LG UM waiting CHF 50/60min
LG Shuttle to Geneva CHF 450
LG Shuttle to Lausanne CHF 230
LG Shuttle to Montreux CHF 130
LG Shuttle to Aigle CHF 65
All other demands will be invoiced separately
Educational School Trips
Europa Park CHF 500
Winter Expedition CHF 380
*extra school trips may be added during the school year
Photos Options

Package 20/30/50 pictures per term CHF 350/CHF 450/ CHF 650
Package 20/30/50 pictures for the year CHF 900/CHF 1'200/ CHF 1'800
ID pictures CHF 50
Photo book CHF 900

Naturopath CHF 450/per term
Osteopath CHF 150/per session
Massage CHF 150/per session
Beautician CHF 90/per session

Name tags CHF 250
Birthday CHF 250
Supplementary Nights CHF 200/per night
IT Support CHF 130/per H
Computer rental fee CHF 20/per day
Rent of the ski uniform CHF 450
Extra Uniform see our price list
Concierge /Secretary Service CHF 130/per H
PCR Covid Test CHF 150

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