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At La Garenne, we value creativity both in and out of the classroom. As educators we encourage our students to question the world around them, to develop their own ideas and opinions. We believe that if children are secure in their environment, they will feel comfortable in expressing themselves.


In developing their creativity we are encouraging the children to reflect, to challenge, to evaluate and to contribute to their own learning. They become more motivated and this in turn enhances their academic, intellectual and social skills as well as their self-awareness.


We promote creativity through the curriculum with special emphasis on Art, Drama, Public Speaking, Debate, Music and Dance.


We also encourage creativity beyond the classroom by stimulating the children’s interests through:


  • School trips within Switzerland and beyond.
  • Cultural visits: cities, museums, drama, theatre.
  • Activities: an extensive clubs programme, social events and charity initiatives.


In our community, we take time to admire and respect the creativity of the children by promoting their contributions through praise, display and performance.


Our core aim as a school is to assure the personal development of each child.  We strive to make each child feel cherished every day, by giving plenty of individual attention.


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