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La Garenne now offers a new option for students to enhance pocket money usage – through a PIN-Code-protected prepaid card. ATM machines are available 5 minutes walking from the campus to provide students with easy access to their allowance at any time.
La Garenne recommends withdrawing cash only when needed. La Garenne will have access to all details of card usage, namely daily card balance, transactions, withdrawals and recipients of transfers to make sure that card usage conforms to La Garenne school rules in particularly to pocket money policy.


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Questions & Answers

1. Why La Garenne has chosen this card?
The Heart for India Visa Prepaid card is a smart solution for day to day purchases! La Garenne students enjoy all advantages of a payment card while supporting the Heart for India Foundation for free. The Heart for India Foundation, created in 2005, is a non-political, non-governmental and non-religious organization. The main goals are to help underprivileged children gain access to education in India in order to cut the cycle of poverty. The Heart for India Visa Prepaid card is a payment card based on credit balance, to facilitate cashless payments and withdraw cash in the relevant local currency, up to the loaded amount, anywhere that Visa is accepted (in traditional retailers, on Internet or at ATM’s). The card can be reloaded at any time by bank transfer. For those who do not have a bank card and do not want to use or have a credit card, this provides the ease of using a prepaid card in Swiss Francs. There is no bank account required.
2. How does the card applicant apply for a Heart for India Visa Prepaid card?
Please fill in the form and sign the application (cardholder and legal guardian mandatory in case of minors). Send the scanned copy with all requested attachments per e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the original to the school administation of La Garenne.
3. How can funds be added to the card?
Accessing www.icorner.ch, under statement, La Garenne student will easily find on the right-hand side the payment information to facilitate payments by bank transfer and Internet banking (Clearing, BIC/Swift and the IBAN number associated to the card). Make sure to reload at least CHF 100 and maximum CHF 5,000 onto the card. Should the cardholder be in a hurry, the cardholder might reload the card in real time at SBB ticket vending machines or at k kiosk, Press & Books, and avec points of sale. For more details, visit cornercard.ch/prepaid. The card’s total balance can not exceed CHF 5,000. Please note that the annual fee of CHF 50 will be automatically debited from the card.
4. How can card balance and transactions be checked?
The cardholder may at any time view the balance, download the statement and check all transactions notified to the Bank up to the evening of the previous working day through Internet by means of the complimentary service iCornèr on www.icorner.ch. A mobile phone and an e-mail address are mandatory, as an SMS will be sent to access the service, sent as a link per e-mail. The total amount available on the card can be viewed on all ATM in Switzerland and the UK as well.
5. Does the cardholder receive a monthly statement?
The cardholder may download the statement accessing www.icorner.ch and send it to whom it may concern.
6. How long does it take to receive the card?
Upon receipt of a duly completed application form including requested attachments (e.g.copy of a legitimation document of the student and the legal guardian), the prepaid card will be sent exclusively to the school administration of La Garenne within five working days*. Cornèrcard dispatches following enclosures: - Envelope containing the card - Envelope containing the PIN-Code (Personal Identification Number) * Special cases will require a longer processing time frame (e. g. PEPs).
7. What is a PIN-Code?
A PIN-Code is a secret Personal Identification Number associated to the prepaid card that enables you to proceed PIN-Code based transactions. The PIN-Code has basically two functions – one to let you use the prepaid card to purchase items and services and the other to withdraw cash at the ATM’s. The cardholder may change the PIN-Code at any time at an ATM in Switzerland.
8. May the cardholder disclose the PIN-Code?
No one except the cardholder (not even the Cornèr Bank Ltd. employees) knows your PIN-Code. The PIN-Code must not be disclosed to anyone (including the police and point-of-sale staff etc.).
9. What happens when the PIN-Code is not entered correctly?
For security reasons the cardholder has always only three attempts to enter the PIN-Code correctly. If you enter the wrong number three times, even at separate locations, your PIN-Code will be blocked and the cardholder won’t be able to use the card until a new PIN-Code will be ordered and sent by regular mail to the school administration of La Garenne. If the cardholder enters a wrong PIN-Code more than three times at the ATM, the prepaid card will be even retained.
10. Who shall the cardholder contact in case of emergencies (lost / stolen card, ATM retained the prepaid card, forgot PIN-Code)?
Help Line 24h +41 91 800 41 41 (in English, French, German, and Italian)
11. What does payWave mean?
In addition to the previous usage options, payWave by Visa now permit even easier, faster and more comfortable payments: contactless payments of small amounts up to CHF 40 (typically at Kiosks or McDonalds). The cardholder simply holds the card in front of a special contactless card reader. Transactions take place in less than a second.
12. What is if the cardholder is to be qualified as a U.S. person?
The cardholder will duly complete and sign the W-9 form available on http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf together with a Waiver for Cardholder to be signed also by the legal guardian.
13. Who is the Beneficial Owner?
The person who enjoys the ownership of the funds to be added to the card. To tick the appropriate box the cardholder/ applicant should normally tick the second box and fill out all active fields (exception: the student enjoys financial autonomy).
14. What is if the Beneficial Owner is to be qualified as a U.S. person?
The Beneficial Owner will duly complete and sign the W-9 form available on http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf. The cardholder will duly complete and sign a Waiver for Cardholder concerning Beneficial Owner, to be signed also by the legal guardian
15. What is the address for correspondence?
Please note that all correspondence will be addressed to the cardholder c/o La Garenne School SA, Chemin des Chavasses 23, 1885 Chesières, Switzerland.
16. How long will the card be valid?
The card is valid three years as long as the cardholder is a student at La Garenne.
17. What happens when the student leaves La Garenne?
The student cuts the card and hands it over to the school administration of La Garenne. For security reasons the card will be automatically blocked after 30 days and the remaining balance of the card will be transferred to the bank account of La Garenne after a deduction of an administration fee of CHF 20. The school administration of La Garenne will then establish a final collective statement.
18. Which insurance coverage does the cardholder benefit from?
Purchase Protection Insurance3 (free of charge) Worldwide 45-day coverage in the event of theft, damage and destruction of purchases made by you with your Heart for India card at merchant locations or online. Maximum coverage: – Per claim CHF 2,000 – Per year CHF 5,000 Legal Protection Insurance (free of charge) Helps with disputes related to purchase – worldwide and online Worldwide legal protection for claim settlement or refund, but not exceeding CHF 250,000

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