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Fees & Conditions
School Year 2022 - 2023



School Fees 2022-2023

Fees for the School Year are generally paid in two instalments.


Years 1 - 6

 Boarder - CHF 74'000Day Student - CHF 37'750
1st June CHF 53’500 CHF 26’750
1st December CHF 20’500 CHF 11’000



MYP 1 - MYP 3 (Years 7 - 9)

 Boarder - CHF 82'100Day Student - CHF 52'000
1st June CHF 59'600 CHF 38'000
1st December CHF 22'500 CHF 14'000


MYP 4 - 5 (Years 10 - 11)

 Boarder - CHF 93'000Day Student - CHF 68'000
1st June CHF 67'000 CHF 49'000
1st December CHF 26'000 CHF 19'000


DP 1 - DP 2 (Year 12 - 13)*

 Boarder - CHF 99’900Day Student - CHF 78’000
1st June CHF 99’900 CHF 78’000

*For DP1 & DP2 students there is an annual supplementary fee of CHF 9'000 to cover additional costs associated with the IB/High School Diploma programme.

School Fees include:

Board and lodging, tuition, loan of textbooks, ski pass and school laundry (boarders only), use of school library and computer network, sports activities, cultural activities and short expeditions in Switzerland, in-school healthcare, transport to and from Geneva airport (on official dates and times), taxes and VAT.

School Fees do not include:

Health and accident insurance, medication and dental care, private tuition and learning support, stationery and postage, ski equipment and ski uniform hire, external exam fees, pocket money, hairdresser and so on. Mandatory school trips are also not included. For day students, the cost of ski pass, day trips, school uniform, laundry, expeditions and health insurance are excluded. More details can be found here along with the General & Financial Conditions 2022-2023.


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