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Throughout the school year students participate in expeditions, taking them on adventures in the great outdoors.  Each trip is appropriately planned to suit the age and capabilities of the children, with due regard to risk management.  In summer for example, they will spend a weekend outdoors - visiting spectacular glaciers or dams, orienteering in the mountains or tracking dinosaur footprints on nearby rocks.


A mandatory Class Expedition takes place each term, with the option for children to do more if they wish.  Together with their peers, they learn about endeavour and perseverance, discover their own strengths and weaknesses, and how to help others.  Expeditions take them out of their normal environment to encounter new experiences and face challenges. As a result, they build confidence and tolerance – all useful life skills.


The children plan their winter expeditions, with the close guidance of the sports teacher.  Perhaps they’ll ski to a mountain cabin and stay overnight or try cross-country walking with snowshoes?  Planning involves selecting the right equipment and clothing, transport options, meals and the daily schedule.  It’s such a fun way of gaining independence with the security of knowing that caring, experienced adults oversee every detail.


Children return from expeditions feeling elated and enthusiastic to begin planning the next adventure.


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