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Language Support



La Garenne is committed to meeting the needs of students with English as an Additional Language. The purpose of the EAL programme at La Garenne is two-fold:

  • To develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English to enable them to reach a high level of competency.
  • To foster multilingualism and the importance of inter-cultural understanding in a respectful environment.


We immerse students in the English language both at school and in the boarding programme. A language support teacher may work with students from Year 3 upwards either by ‘withdrawal’ (for beginners in English) or by ‘in-class support’. New students are assessed on arrival at La Garenne so that their teachers have a clear picture of their level of English in relation to speaking and listening, reading, writing and phonic knowledge. When a student reaches a level proficient enough to access the main curriculum, language support by withdrawal will end. English is taught through a mixture of structured activities, with an initial focus on speaking and listening survival skills so that students can start to use their new language skills as soon as they join the school. La Garenne belongs to The Learning Village, a global online EAL programme, which makes learning English exciting and rewarding. In the MYP classes, English is taught at two levels, enabling those who join the school with a relatively low level of English to consolidate their language skills as quickly as possible. 


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