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Cambridge Exams


French and English

The academic programme is taught in English. However, all students study French at levels ranging from beginners to first-language speakers. We also offer a supplementary French programme to challenge speakers of French as a first language. Outside the classroom, children benefit from being immersed in a French/English bilingual school community located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Depending on their level, students are prepared for internationally-recognised examinations to validate their language skills – the DELF suite of qualifications (see below). The students find this exciting and motivating.


English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The EAL programme at La Garenne School aims to develop English proficiency as rapidly as possible to permit a student to participate fully in all academic and social aspects of school life. Language support is available for students of any age. After a student is assessed on entry into La Garenne, a personalised adapted timetable is created according to the individual's language needs and timetabling. Usually, students withdraw from language-heavy subjects such as Individuals and Societies, but learn alongside their peers in subjects such as Maths, PSHE and Art. EAL intensive lessons are usually 1:1 with the teacher unless two students of a similar age require similar language support. You can read more about our intensive language support programme here.




Cambridge English Exams

The Cambridge English for Schools examinations are designed to make learning English fun and motivating for learners. Covering reading, writing, listening and speaking, the exams can help you:

  • Improve your English and get better grades
  • Understand books, television, films, songs and the internet in English
  • Travel and make friends around the world
  • Study at university or college at home or in another country
  • Have a career using English

La Garenne students are placed in a class suitable for their level of English on arrival. The courses are integrated into the regular English programme and students work towards gaining a qualification at the end of the year. Cambridge Examinations are recognised by schools, universities and employers across the world.




DELF French Language Diploma

The French Ministry of Education’s DELF French Language Diploma provides official certification of proficiency, practice and mastery of the French language and is equivalent to the Cambridge English examinations. DELF is recognised globally. Most students from Year 5 and above are entered for one of the first two levels of the DELF exam. Our students are the youngest participants in the whole of the canton of Vaud and consistently achieve a 100% success rate. More information is available at www.delfdalf.ch.



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