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School Food

Our catering at La Garenne is managed by Eldora. In consultation with dieticians, our chef and his team create a wide variety of healthy and nutritious meals for our students throughout the day. He places great emphasis on well-balanced and seasonal food, paying attention to any food intolerances and allergies the students may have, as well as taking into account cultural requirements for our diverse school community.

All meals are cooked here in our own kitchens and we aim to use locally sourced products wherever possible. We eat together in our relaxed and spacious dining area which affords spectacular views over the surrounding Alps. The students are seated in different places at each meal, which encourages them to mix and make new friends. Meal times are supervised by adults and the executive team also sits down to eat with students as a way to find out at first hand how their day is going.


As well as providing three hot meals a day, students can have snacks at morning and afternoon breaktime. We encourage students to have an open mind to food and to try international flavours and food combinations. We also encourage them to develop their own passion for food through our popular cooking club. Birthdays are special occasions and at La Garenne these are celebrated with a cake shared with friends.


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