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Mission and Guiding Statements


“In front of a child, we can but feel affection for who they are and who they may become one day.”
- G. Méan, School Director.


To inspire our community to be responsible global citizens in an ever changing world.



The Mission of La Garenne International School is to educate children and young people from around the world, in a warm family atmosphere in which we promote the traditional Swiss values of open mindedness, responsibility, organisation, innovation, compassion, and respect. The school strives to nurture the talents of each learner, meeting their individual needs and aspirations and preparing them to be responsible global citizens.


Our Core Aims:


  • Give each of our students individual attention: striving to make them feel appreciated, and to keep them happy, motivated and healthy.
  • Teach children and young people how to live in an international community: developing empathy and respect for others, thereby becoming more Internationally Minded.
  • Guarantee a high-quality, holistic learning environment: combining inspirational, inquiry-based learning and an enriching extra-curricular programme to promote the development of the whole child and to provide each individual student the opportunity to flourish in exceptional surroundings.
  • Instil a life-long passion for learning: stimulating our students to be curious, creative, and independent critical thinkers.


At La Garenne we have adopted the phrase “Be Happy and Never, Never, Never Give Up” as our motto, to encourage wellbeing, effort and resilience in all aspects of life and for all members of the school community. 


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