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Activities and Creativity

Complementing the academic programme and after-school clubs, weekends are dedicated to relaxation, friendships, discovery, and organised leisure activities. The programme is dynamic, changing according to weather and students' requests.

We value creativity both in and out of the classroom and encourage our students to question the world around them and develop their own ideas and opinions. We promote creativity through the curriculum with special emphasis on Art, Drama, Public Speaking, Debate, Music and Dance.

Overall, leisure activities provide the perfect backdrop for personal development integration.

Team and individual sports:

football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, hockey, ultimate frisbee, baseball, tennis, swimming, badminton

Adventure and mountain sports depending on the season:

hiking, climbing, assault courses & rope-bridge walking, via ferrata, canyoning, orienteering, ice-skating, cabin building, camp- fire evenings, skiing & snowboarding, igloo building, sledging and ice hockey

Recreational activities for relaxation:

cycling along the lakeside, trampolines and table tennis, trips to a laser game, swimming pool, cinema, giant maze, water park and ten-pin bowling

Cultural and educational activities:

visiting the Olympic Museum, a Food Museum and historic castles and villages discovering Swiss culture through cheese production, chocolate manufacture and casting cow bells appreciating art (paintings, music including classical concerts)

Fun and games:

discos and costume parties, theatre/dance/singing performances, large scale mountain picnics and outdoor games (role playing, treasure hunts), giant chess & card games, mountain evenings.


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