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Complementing the academic programme and after-school clubs, we dedicate the weekends to relaxation, friendships, discovery, and organised leisure activities.  We take the time to listen to the children, devising a dynamic programme in response to their wishes.



Typically, children may participate in the following whilst at La Garenne:  


Team and individual sports:

football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, hockey, ultimate frisbee, baseball, tennis, swimming, badminton

Adventure and mountain sports depending on the season:

hiking, climbing, assault courses & rope-bridge walking, via ferrata, canyoning, orienteering, ice-skating, cabin building, camp- fire evenings, skiing & snowboarding, igloo building, sledging and ice hockey

Recreational activities for relaxation:

cycling along the lakeside, trampolines and table tennis, trips to a laser game, swimming pool, cinema, giant maze, water park and ten-pin bowling

Cultural and educational activities:

visiting the Olympic Museum, a Food Museum and historic castles and villages discovering Swiss culture through cheese production, chocolate manufacture and casting cow bells appreciating art (paintings, music including classical concerts)

Fun and games:

discos and costume parties, theatre/dance/singing performances, large scale mountain picnics and outdoor games (role playing, treasure hunts), giant chess & card games, mountain evenings.


All in all, leisure activities provide the perfect backdrop for personal development and most importantly, integration.


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