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Chalet La Garenne

Primary School Students Years 1-6 (ages 5 - 11)

La Garenne International School is known worldwide for its pioneering and enduring approach to caring for and educating children from as young as five years old.

Joining La Garenne as a small child can - contrary to assumptions - actually be the easiest way to assimilate into boarding school life. Our youngest boarders embrace their new experiences unhesitatingly and homesickness in this age group is rare.

Primary school boarders live in the original and authentically Swiss La Garenne chalet, which has been adapted, modernised and enhanced over the years to make a comfortable, cosy environment. Naturally, because we are taking care of very young children, we place particular emphasis on making the boarding house as much like a family home as possible.

Our houseparents and boarding assistants act in loco parentis at all times and that means being there to help with getting the children up in the mornings, helping with sorting out clothes for the day, making sure that teeth are cleaned and hair is brushed, and dealing with every little hiccup that is bound to arise. In the same way, our staff recognise and celebrate all the milestones that the children reach. It could be losing a first tooth, sending a lovely gappy photo to mummy and daddy (and making sure to tell the tooth fairy), or applauding when a little one takes the stabilisers off their bike and rides independently for the first time.

Activities in Chalet La Garenne are centred on play: from the playground with its accessible climbing frames and plenty of space to run around and let off steam, to the large, comfortable lounge with lego, train sets, books and toys. We also challenge our boarding students with more structured outdoor activities such as mini beast hunts, easy hikes and of course, ski lessons in winter.

Contact with families is particularly important for young children and their families. We set aside specific times during the week for video calls and as with almost everything, the children are completely at ease with chatting for an hour about the big, and not so big, things they have experienced. Family Time is precious time and while we facilitate the technology, we do not get involved in chats between parents and children. If a situation arises, we will contact the parents separately.

Chalet La Garenne offers wraparound care in the true sense of the word: all day, every day, children are nourished emotionally, physically and academically. They are supported to take their first steps towards independence, while being surrounded with caring staff who ensure that everything is geared to a child's unique pace.


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