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Welcome to La Garenne

The Méan family is delighted to welcome you to the International Boarding School La Garenne. Our outstanding alpine location in Villars Switzerland has been welcoming boarding students, day students and their parents for over 76 years.


The school’s priority is that each student from 4 to 18 years old should be happy, safe, healthy, valued and cherished.
Our motto ‘Be happy, Never, never, never Give up’ reflects our approach, along with Swiss values of open mindedness, responsibility, innovation, empathy and respect.



By offering different academic programmes like the IB Programme and High School Programme, together with life experiences to build resilience, we prepare our students for successful and balanced lives. Our global school trips and sports programmes provide each child with challenges to develop personal confidence. With over 40 countries represented at school, our students are immersed in the richness of cultural diversity and internationalism. 


Academic excellence is highly valued and our internationally experienced and passionate teachers focus on inquiry-based learning, using state-of-the-art technology. English and French are learned side by side. Our small class sizes allow students to blossom in an optimal, flexible, creative and stimulating environment.


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