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Morning walk

The ski season is well under way and in a few weeks we will be going for a morning 'walk.' Starting at 2am, we leave with touring skis, walk from 1300m to 2100m to the top of Grand Chamossaire, have breakfast and then ski back to school. The question now is, who is up to the challenge? Available for eight students in the higher age range and intermediate skiers and above. When asked, the children only answered one word, which they repeated again and again,.... 'Walk?'

Morning walk

Author; Mr. Barry Fitzgerald Categories: Boarding Life

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Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Mr. Barry Fitzgerald

Mr. Fitzgerald from Scotland has been working at la Garenne since 1993. He is the Assistant Director and after eight years as Head of Academics, he is now responsible for pastoral care. Barry continues to help us uphold the strong family values and high academic standards.

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