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We believe that during their time at La Garenne, the students should have the opportunity to learn new languages.  Not only does this facilitate cross-cultural communication but it also enriches and enhances a child`s creative development as well as their cognitive abilities.

On arrival the students decide on their principle learning language (either English or French) and follow the associated curriculum.

If the students are in the French section, they attend an English class four times a week, in accordance with their level.  The English language program focuses on the four basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in addition to providing instructions in grammar and vocabulary.  At the end of the year the students are entered for a Cambridge ESOL exam, which is in accordance with their level.  If the students are in the English section, they learn French four times a week and follow a French as a second language program.

English and French are the only two languages allowed to be spoken during class time and on the school campus.  By being fully immersed in both the languages the children learn at a quicker rate.  Mastering their mother tongue is an important part of student`s cultural identity; students have the opportunity to study their mother tongue once or twice a week.  Language clubs are offered to the children, they can learn Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese or Russian.

Learning multiple languages allows the students to socialize with others from around the globe and enhances their ability to eventually compete in a global job market.



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Our Values

Individual attention

International family atmosphere

Global citizenship

High quality learning environment

Passion for learning

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Academic Excellence

Global recognition

Qualified, passionate teachers

Educational programme in English

French lessons for all students

Small classes

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Beyond the Classroom


Holistic education

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Pastoral Care

Day & boarding students

Ages 5 to 17*

Safe & healthy environment

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Modern facilities

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La Garenne International School welcomes children between the ages of 5 (Year 1 / Kindergarten) and 16 (Year 11 / Grade 10) of more than 35 nationalities from around the world. As of September 2020 our seniors will get a new home in the newly renovated building of Senior School Le Roc located in Villars. The new location will allow us to create a cutting edge education facility to nurture talents of each student, meeting their individual needs.

We pride ourselves on our English-French bilingual approach, giving students expertise in two languages. Students follow the official English national curriculum, in parallel with developing a mastery of the French language. Academic excellence, a warm international family ambience in which diversity is welcomed, and a safe location in exceptional surroundings, are our core values.

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We value academic excellence through highly committed and passionate teachers, inquiry-based learning, state-of-the-art educational technology.

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School Blog

Academic excellence, a warm international family ambience in which diversity is welcomed, and a safe location in exceptional surroundings, are our core values.

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Beyond the Classroom

Activities are extremely important in the development of a child. As well as enriching a child, these activities support his or her wellbeing, evolution...

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La Garenne Camps

Children from around the world join our authentic Swiss summer and winter camps, with a choice of sessions...

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Term Dates

Important dates of the school year

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Boarding Life

Your child receives individual attention from our professional, caring staff. Our shared goal is to raise happy, motivated, healthy and resilient...

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