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Welcome to La Garenne School
Welcome to La Garenne School
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At La Garenne we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a school with strong family values.  The students are brought up to respect these values and behave accordingly.  We expect very high standards of behaviour, we promote self-discipline, respect and good behaviour at all times and we do not tolerate bullying. 

It is important, in order that discipline is fair and meaningful, a systematic and consistent use of rewards and sanctions are to be used throughout the School.  The purpose of both rewards and sanctions are to promote good behaviour.

We place great emphasis on promoting positive behaviour through praise, encouragement, incentives and rewards, both verbal and written. Positive and constructive comments are written at the end of student's work to recognise effort, improvement and achievement of targets set. Stickers, stamps, Star of the Week certificates, postcards sent to parents and IPC personal goal cards are some of the awards used by class teachers.  Depending on the number of points the student receives each week, the students are rewarded with extra shopping and treats at the weekend.

When a student's behaviour falls below an acceptable standard, a range of sanctions may be used to correct this.  The first step is for the student to understand why their action was inappropriate and to help them not make the same mistake again; discussion between a member of staff and the student would be the first step.  The child might then be sent to the Head teacher or to the Director to receive an appropriate sanction, dependent on the action.  A student may be put on a weeks behavior report which needs to be signed and a comment needs to be made by each member of staff that student is with.  Each week the children are evaluated and points are given or lost resulting in either sanctions or rewards.  Please see the link below for more information about the school rules and points system. 

Each classroom at La Garenne displays a reward system which links to the points they have achieved or lost over the week.



Outstanding Features

Our Values

Personal attention

International diversity

Global awareness

Healthy living

Passion for learning

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Academic Excellence

Accredited curriculum

Passionate teaching

Lessons in English

French for all

Small class sizes

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Beyond the Classroom

Outdoor learning

Art, drama & music


Snow sports

Clubs & activities

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Pastoral Care

Day & boarding

Safe environment

Wraparound care

Exceptional location

State of the art campus

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La Garenne welcomes young people aged 4 to 18 from more than 30 nations to our exceptional school in the Swiss Alps.
We pride ourselves on our bilingual approach, giving students mastery of French and English. Our students follow globally accredited programmes of study, creating informed, globally competent, and future-ready learners. La Garenne’s core values are academic excellence, a close-knit family atmosphere, security and cultural diversity.

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Primary School


Middle School


Senior School


We value academic excellence through highly committed and passionate teachers, inquiry-based learning, state-of-the-art educational technology.

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School Blog

Academic excellence, a warm international family ambience in which diversity is welcomed, and a safe location in exceptional surroundings, are our core values.

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Beyond the Classroom

Activities are extremely important in the development of a child. As well as enriching a child, these activities support his or her wellbeing, evolution...

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La Garenne Camps

Children from around the world join our authentic Swiss summer and winter camps, with a choice of sessions...

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Term Dates

Important dates of the school year

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Photo Gallery

Click on the image for the photo gallery: see school life at La Garenne and enjoy new photos each week...

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Boarding Life

Your child receives individual attention from our professional, caring staff. Our shared goal is to raise happy, motivated, healthy and resilient...

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Virtual Tour

Click on the image for a virtual tour: see La Garenne and Le Roc Campus and enjoy the extraordinary panorama...

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