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Academic News – the Junior classes

This week saw the beginning of new IMYC Units for Year 7, 8 and 9. The ‘Big Ideas’ shown below will underpin teaching and learning for the rest of this term. On Monday, the three classes experienced the entry points for the new units. The pictures below show some of the activities undertaken to focus the students’ thinking on the Big Idea of Adaptability.


year 7 adaptability

Year 7 Adaptability

The Big Idea
Adaptability is demonstrated by the ability to change, alter or cope with new environments or circumstances.


year 8 reflection

Year 8 Reflection

The Big Idea
Complex decision-making requires space and time.



Year 9 Development

The Big Idea
Long lasting changes take place slowly over time.




Toxic river challenge Instructions:

Gather everyone on one bank of the river and have them divide into teams of 4-8 people each. Give everyone a "stepping stone" — a manila folder. Tell them that the objective of the exercise is to get everyone in the group safely across the imaginary river without anyone falling in. The river, of course, is full of hungry competitors, piranha, difficulties, and that the resources the company needs to survive are on the other side of the river. Stepping stone will be disposed in to the river and some around the bank on their side.6 In order to insure the company's continued success, a creative solution must be generated that will get everyone across the river and have everyone step onto the opposite bank at the same time.

Tell them that they are individual teams but they are all part of one larger organization. Describe the rules of the activity (see below) and answer any of their questions. Teams have 5 minutes to brainstorm possible strategies for crossing the river. They may practice, if they choose, on the starting bank but not in the river (between the two rope/tape lines). Call time after 5 minutes of planning, bring the teams to the starting bank, remind them of their objective (to all step onto the opposite bank in unison), tell them they have 15 minutes to reach the other side and start them on their way.


You must keep possession of your stepping stone. You may not hand it to anyone else. However, others may step on your stone in passing.
You can rest only on your own stone.
No "skooching" - sliding your rock along the ground.

If anyone falls in the river (steps off a stone), everyone in the entire group must go back to the starting river bank and begin again.
Everyone must step onto the opposite bank at the same time.



  • -  Two ropes of bright color.

  • -  8 stepping stone made of paper

The groupe will have to be prepared to be outside and show adaptability skills for this the challenge will be repeated with modified rules. 1st try: stepping stones all out the river

2nd try: stepping stones in and out of the river. 



Academic News – the Junior classes

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