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And we're off!

There's been a palpable sense of excitement across La Garenne for the last week, as students and staff prepare for the best event of 2022: the School Trip. Our buildings and boarding houses have been ringing to the cries of "where's my passport?", "I can't find my flipflops" and, most importantly, "will I be able to sleep on safari?"

This year we are going to Tanzania, Costa Rica, Portugal (actually the Azores) and France. Even our youngest children from age 5 have days of activities planned including trips to Aquatis, a chocolate factory and the beautiful floral sculptures down by Lac Léman (Lake Geneva).

Like every school trip, there is always a reason behind choosing the destination. Our students will learn about biodiversity, ecology, conservation, and in Tanzania, they'll be helping on humanitarian projects such as installing solar panels and renovating a school. Privilege comes with responsibility.

The reason for so much excitement - after all, school trips at La Garenne are compulsory - is because we haven't been able to go to faraway places for almost two years. Finally though, with restrictions lifted, bags are packed, plane tickets are bought and yes, those flip flops have been found.

You can follow the progress of our students across La Garenne's social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, where we will be posting regular updates and highlights.

off to tanzania

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