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Beau Site Newsletter Autumn 2023 #2


MYP3 Expedition

Expedition MYP3

M3 students went on an overnight expedition in Nax to challenge themselves on the via ferrata du Belvedère, successfully reaching the peak at 1224 m. After a fun night camping out in St Maurice, the team continued facing heights and developing resiliency with a rock climbing session in Saxon. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the beautiful weather! 

MYP3 Expedition

Expedition MYP1

M1 students completed an overnight expedition in Pont de Nant involving various tasks such as a survival skill activity involving a plane crash scenario, making a shelter, fire, and searching for specific plants at the botanical garden. During the following day, they went on a beautiful hike along the Avançon river and enjoyed the vibrant autumn colours.

MYP1 Expedition

MYP1 Expedition
Still to come: MYP2's underground/overground expedition which will involve speleology (caving!) and a forest rope trail. Watch this space!

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