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Blog Update: Year 5

Written by: Mrs. Danielle Allard

1. We have been reading and writing Greek myths, in Literacy. The children each wrote their own myth, following a given structure. They then edited them, with help from their peers, and wrote a second draft, before typing up their story and creating a cover and author page.

The children also took their stories and read them to the Year 3/4 class.

2. The Year 5 class went on a trip to the Roman Musée in the Swiss Roman town of Aventicum. They enjoyed walking around and sketching the Roman ruins of the amphitheatre, theatre and Roman bath house.

3. In Science, we have been learning about the life cycles of humans and animals. Year 5 read books in groups, to learn about the life cycles of a frog and a butterfly. They then used this knowledge to explain and understand the process of metamorphosis.

4. In IPC, Year 5 have been making mosaics to replicate the ones they saw at the Roman museum. The decided on their own design and and then used tiny squares of coloured paper to create the mosaic type patterns.

5. In Maths, we have been looking at translations of shapes on a grid to make patterns, and also translating shapes using coordinates. The children have also been revising the written formal method of addition and then using this knowledge to complete some maths investigation work.

year5 2

year5 2

year5 2

year5 2

Blog Update: Year 5

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