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Entry Points for the IMYC Units

Yesterday saw all the Junior classes participating in the Entry Point for their final IMYC Units of the year. The unit for Year 9 is centred on Leadership, with the Big Idea’ being ‘For better or worse, one or more people can use influence so that others aid and support them’. Year 8 will be looking at Communication, with their Big Idea being ‘When information is shared accurately and clearly, the end result is more effective’. Collaboration will be the guiding theme for Year 7, examining the concept that ‘When people work together, they can achieve a common goal’.

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Making the most of the fact that spring has arrived, the entry point for all the year groups took place outside of the classroom. We all travelled to Montreux and the day was spent undertaking a series of tasks involving inquiry and observation, based on the guiding theme for each class. All three groups took part in a quiz and a photo challenge. Year 9 students were required to show their own leadership and organisational skills, finding their own way to Montreux using public transport before beginning their tasks. Though they were shadowed by two teachers, the responsibility for their journey was very much their own. They came through the challenge well and it was obvious that they enjoyed the personal accountability involved in such tasks. Once in Montreux, their main task centred on how this beautiful town has established its leadership in the tourist industry, establishing a worldwide reputation. They were examining what the town’s leaders and entrepreneurs have done to ensure the continuing success of Montreux, making the most of its natural advantages?

Years 7 and 8 were required to search for and record evidence of Collaboration and Communication in a real world, ‘live’ setting. The Entry Point is designed to get the students thinking about their Big Idea. Providing them with the opportunity to do this by way of their own observation and inquiry outside the confines of the classroom gives the whole learning experience much more impact. Not only did a lot of learning take place but at the same time the whole group had a very enjoyable day!

entry point1 entry point2 entry point3 entry point4 entry point6

Entry Points for the IMYC Units

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