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Global Citizenship

A part of the IMYC course, the accreditation process and their general education, the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a course in Global Citizenship. In this course we look at a wide variety of international topics. Earlier this term, we discussed the causes and effects of tropical storms, taking case studies from the recent hurricanes on the east coast of the United States, in the Philippines and in China.

We are currently examining certain aspects of the students’ host country –Switzerland. In Monday’s assembly we looked at the unique form of direct democracy and federal government that is part of Swiss political life. This led on to discussions comparing Swiss politics with the students’ home countries.

In class we are now looking at a variety of aspects of Swiss geography and culture – including its main regions, the distribution of its population and main linguistic regions, the neighbouring countries, and the Swiss cantons. Studies of the host country do not necessarily form part of the taught curriculum, but we believe it is important for the students to have some understanding of the country in which they are living and studying, as well as a wider knowledge of global issues. We are currently organising a visit to the Swiss parliament in Bern so that the students can see the government in action later on in the term.

Global Citizenship

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