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Guided Art Visit and Workshop

Last Friday the students of year 8 and 9 traveled on a beautiful sunny day to the town of Vevey to have a guided art visit and workshop. Images is a biennial contemporary outdoor/indoor photography exhibit from artists all over the world. The theme this year was "out of the ordinary". The students responded well to the four works they saw with the guides. They then participated whole heartedly in a workshop based upon the work of Coco Fronsac and her installation "Chimères et Merveilles".

I was impressed by the students capacity to appreciate the contemporary art and to relate it to the work they are looking at now in class. Moreover the workshop coordinators appreciated their participation and thoughtful work.

Finally, all of the students took great pleasure in being in the sun and enjoying a picnic and snack by the lake on a warm fall day.

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Guided Art Visit and Workshop

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