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IPC - Third Term


This term has seen some wonderful learning for the students through their IPC units. The teachers are already getting ready for next term’s exciting units. Reception will be learning about  `Family and Friends ’, Year 1 and 2 will learn about holidays in their unit ‘Let’s go on Holiday’. Year 3 and 4 will be learning about ancient civilisations in ‘Temples and Tombs’ and Year 5 will be learning about the Romans and Ancient Greeks in ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave’. Year 6 will be learning about how politics works in ‘Champions for Change’. This years Year 6 will be moving into the IMYC program in Year 7 with their first unit ‘Balance’.

These units will be starting after all the IPC students begin the year with a unit called ‘Brainwaves’, when students will learn ‘how’ they learn and how the brain works.


Exit Point photos

Kirsty`s class worked hard on their Sand, Water and Treasure Topic this term and enjoyed their Pirate Day at Villeneuve.

In Year 1 and 2 they talked about what skills were needed to work at the circus and thought about everything they had found out about the circus this term. Then they created their own applications for a job at the circus.


IPC - Third Term

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