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Let’s get ready for the end-of-term examinations!

The end-of term examinations will begin on Wednesday 6th December. In last Monday’s assembly, and in the Tutor Periods each morning this week, we have been helping the students to prepare effectively for their examinations. Revision is not simply reading through notes and the students have been given concrete advice and practice on how to revise effectively. They have been introduced to a range of techniques they can use to help them prepare for the upcoming examinations.

In recent years, research in the field of cognitive psychology has given us a greater understanding on how our brains work. This has brought genuine advances in our understanding of how we learn – and how we should revise. We have given the students tips on how they can improve their learning by using such techniques as spaced practice, retrieval practice, elaboration, interleaving, concrete examples and dual coding. Now to put all this learning to good use!

Should you wish to gain further insights into these techniques, the following links might be useful.

exams 1

Let’s get ready for the end-of-term examinations!

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