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Minis’ Assembly on Friday

During the Minis’ assembly on Friday morning, Gemma, our Year 6 teacher, treated us to an introduction to the wonders of Roald Dahl! We read about and guessed characters from their descriptions, Gemma read us a passage from ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and we also watched a short extract from the film.
Last Friday was ‘Roald Dahl’ Day so this was a superb opportunity for us to find out more about him and his many, many popular and page-turning children’s novels. Nearly every one of the Minis had read one or more of his books, which was great to see and I am sure, after Gemma’s wonderful assembly, that they will be inspired to pick up another! Gemma has also hidden some ‘golden tickets’ inside books in the library to encourage the children to pick up and choose books that perhaps they wouldn’t normally have chosen. I, personally, can’t wait to find one!!
The assembly finished with our weekly ‘gratitudes’. Every Friday, the students are given the opportunity to say something positive about another student, relating to one or more of the IPC goals. We also had our ‘Stars of the Week’, this week given for ‘Enquiry’ in the classroom. Well done to all who received a certificate this week and to everyone else for showing excellent enquiry.

Minis’ Assembly on Friday

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