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Obstacles and Treasure Hunts!

Whilst all of Year 3-6 were off enjoying themselves in Europa Park, Germany, the Year 1-2 class were also out enjoying themselves, in the mountains! Year 1 and 2 took on a series of challenges set for them by ‘Professor Sparks’ from their IPC unit ‘Who am I?’. They had a lot of fun following clues and instructions, which were written in letters from the professor, in order to complete the challenge. The first part of the challenge involved attempting some of the obstacles on the way down from the ‘Crazy Moose’ restaurant near Bretaye. The children worked cooperatively, showing resilience and thoughtfulness towards others, as they attempted to climb, crawl, jump and walk along the obstacles! After a stop for a picnic lunch, the children continued following the instructions from ‘Professor Sparks’, which took them through the forest to Col de Sud, completing a photograph treasure hunt as they went.

After a super day out, having shown such excellent behaviour and enjoyment, the children enjoyed a well-earned treat at Col de Sud restaurant, before catching the train back to Villars!

IMG 3849 IMG 3849 IMG 3849 IMG 3849

Obstacles and Treasure Hunts!

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