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Primary children back to school

It was wonderful to welcome the Primary children back to school on Monday. During the assembly we talked about empathy and being kind to one another and our environment. We listened to the poem `New School` by Gillian Craig, remembering back to how we felt starting a new school and we discussed what we can do to help new students who join us this term.
The Primary children have been set many challenges this term; we talked about the importance of stepping out of our comfort zone into our stretch zone which is where the real learning takes place. The task may be hard, you may make mistakes but the important thing is to try your best, don`t give up and you will then be able to do things/learn things that you couldn't do or know before. 

Prioritising student`s happiness and wellbeing is a fundamental part of education. At La Garenne we are continuously trying to incorporate new ideas into the school day to develop a culture of positivity and kindness. As well as teaching the academic subjects to our students, we teach the children the skills they need to look after their own mental health and wellbeing.

Happiness Challenge Monday 13th - Monday 20th January Get Involved!

For one week we have asked the children if they can do the following and we would love it if you could all get involved as a family:

● What Went Well?

You and your child/children share one thing that went well for them each day. This could be during dinner or just before saying goodnight. This helps rewire the brain to spot the positive more and savour those experiences.

● Thank you Letter or Postcard

Your child could write one letter of gratitude (thank you) to someone in their lives who does a lot for them and to whom they`d like to show gratitude. It helps if they give specific things they are thankful for. They then give the letter to the person or read it to them over skype. Children will benefit from the act of reflecting and appreciating all of the people who are important to them, plus they get to experience how powerful it can be to let someone know they are appreciated. 


Primary children back to school

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