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Reading in the Primary Section

This term we have continued to focus on and celebrate the importance of Reading within the Primary Section. The annual Book Fair took place in November; the children were thrilled to browse and choose their favourite books to buy.

Two evenings a week, secondary students have spent time hearing our Primary boarding students read.

We have recently celebrated the opening of our beautiful new Sky Library from which the Primary and Middle School students will benefit regularly. As well as class visits in which the children can snuggle up and become absorbed in another world, they will also be able to listen to a range of books, songs and poems using our audio station. A range of magazines, comics and children's newspapers are also available for the children to enjoy.

We have lots of exciting events planned to introduce the children to the library: a library scavenger hunt, DIY Bookmark Craft activity, creative writing workshops and storytelling sessions.

How we prioritise Reading in our Primary Classes

Each day we have Phonics lessons (set by ability) and guided reading sessions. We have regular reading comprehension activities and we track and screen the children with diagnostic testing and targeted interventions. We set reading homework every night and there are reading corners in every primary classroom.

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