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At La Garenne, our aim is to educate the whole person, in the broadest sense of the term. This clearly involves providing the students with a challenging and inspiring academic programme. This we do by way of the IPC and the MYP programmes - and in future via the IB Diploma. However, we also want them to push their boundaries and pursue their passions outside of the classroom. 
The Ski Academy is a good example of this. The students have to train hard, often giving up their own time to do so. They also have to manage their training sessions and at the same time be sure to fulfil their academic obligations. We are now in the ski competition season, where our skiers will be racing against the best performers from other schools in the area. This requires not only genuine ability and physical attributes. As is the case in all competitive sports, mental attitude is very important for success. In skiing, the boundary between success and failure can be marginal. The skiers have to take risks and occasionally overcome the pain of defeat. This is all part of individual growth - both as a sportsperson and as an individual. Developing resilience will help them in all aspects of life. 
 As one of the ski and expeditions staff pointed out recently: 
'It is hard on ski racers, as they train regularly for months but a race may only last 50 seconds and relies on them going incredibly fast..... on ice..... and staying upright.!!' 
We wish them every success in the races to come


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Ski Academy

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