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Trip to the Cailler Chocolate Factory

Last week Year 3 and 4 went on a trip to the Cailler Chocolate Factory, “Maison Cailler”. This trip tied in perfectly with their IPC topic this term “Chocolate”. The children completed a workshop and learned how to make their own chocolate bars including adding ingredients for texture and how to decorate using icing bags and smarties. They impressed the staff with their knowledge of cocoa beans, especially with their geography skills when they were able to name and explain where cocoa trees grow and the climate and conditions they need to grow.

They went on an exciting interactive journey through chocolate right back to the 1500’s, where they learned about how the Aztecs first used to drink chocolatl and use the cocoa bean as money, up to the ingredients and techniques modern day chocolatiers use now. Of course they also had to do some work and help the chocolate factory quality control a variety of chocolates before they could be shipped off all around the world!

As if all this wasn’t enough fun, they had a great time playing in the playground at lunch time and completing an interactive chocolate quiz and cinema experience to see how much they could remember!

Chocolate Factory1 Chocolate Factory1 Chocolate Factory1

Trip to the Cailler Chocolate Factory

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