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What's new for 2016/17

As mentioned above, we will implement the following initiatives for September:
Boarding Life:

  • Junior students will reside in a beautiful new chalet with picturesque views and modern facilities.
  • Some “families” will be created among our boarding houses in order to reinforce the school values
  • The weekends will be divided into Saturday ‘group’ activities and Sunday ‘individual choice’ activities - as well as free time for some of the periods
  • More after-school study groups to specifically reinforce class lessons will be set up for older students
  • Junior students will be able to take part in inter-school sports / academic competitions


  • The Cubs will follow a slightly adapted timetable which will allow them to participate in after school clubs finishing at 5 p.m.
  • Within the Junior section, further levels of mathematics will be developed and there will be more science within the curriculum.
  • A blog will be up and running from September which will provide monthly information about what the children are learning about in class.
  • The school reports will be updated and information will be provided to parents about the grades.
  • Our `Book Week` last year was a great success and we are looking forward to celebrating our love of books again this year. We have arranged a story teller, a book fair and a week packed full of activities to promote reading and writing.
  • To celebrate international mindedness we will be hosting an International Week alongside the normal curriculum. More information will follow regarding this.
  • You will be able to access detailed information about each year group’s curriculum through the school website.
What's new for 2016/17

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