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Year 9 Make Headlines!

Our Year 9 students created a small ‘newspaper’ during the final week of term and distributed copies to staff and fellow students during the IMYC Exit Point celebration on Thursday 17th October.

As part of their English and Language Arts unit the thirteen students were given the responsibility for generating ideas, creating content and editing the material all within a tight timescale.  

Editor Donya Changizi and Assistant Editor Neville Rukidi had overall control of the newspaper’s production and it was their job to motivate their fellow journalists to ensure that all of the copy was submitted and corrected in time for it to ‘go to print’ (be collated and photocopied!)

The whole exercise was an excellent example of ‘community’ in action as all of the students concerned had important roles to play and had to work both independently and as a team.

With features on sport, gossip and even fashion, the small paper offers something for everyone.  Congratulations to the LG News team!

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Year 9 Make Headlines!

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