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Smart Screen Use - A Parent's Guide

Keeping an Eye on Your Screentime

The Smart Social website gives excellent advice to parents and carers on the different apps available for young people and which ones are most suitable for our young people. They are divided into the following categories:

What are healthy ways to allow my child safe screen time?

Giving your child some screen time is not always unhealthy, especially if it is done with guidance from a parent or guardian. Here are some tips for parents to keep in mind:

  • Watch alongside your child (especially if they are primary age) and talk to them about what they are viewing.
  • Select high quality, educational and interactive content.
  • Ensure that what they are watching is age appropriate.
  • Set limits for phone or screen use, such as no screens during meal times.
  • Teach them internet safety from an early age.
  • Be a positive screen time role model to your children.

Categories: Wellbeing

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